UICentre is the academic drug discovery initiative at UIC. We are a campus-wide program centered on collaborative engagement designed to stimulate the application of pharmaceutical and translational knowledge in order to generate novel therapeutic compounds.

Drug development is collaborative by nature. In the Centre, a multidisciplinary project team will incorporate toxicology, bioavailability, and targeted delivery at the earliest stage of drug discovery.

The primary purpose of UICentre is to stimulate and enhance the application of chemical, pharmaceutical, and translational knowledge to elevate biomedical discoveries at the University of Illinois to a level where the benefits of clinical application will enhance human health and benefit society.


833 South Wood Street Room 431A, Chicago, Illinois 60612

Pharmaceutical innovation meets commercial acumen

Future scientists and pharmacists need to be educated in high-risk, high-reward thinking so they can make new discoveries and commercialize them into economically-viable drug therapies.

UICentre is collaborating with the UIC Graduate School of Business and the College of Pharmacy to create an educational curriculum focused on entrepreneurship and pharmaceutical innovation. The Entrepreneurship track will give students hands-on exposure to:

  • Regulatory processes, capital markets and business plans for creating and launching pharmaceutical-based new business ventures
  • Building partnerships and seeking venture capital
  • Long-term strategies for competing in a global marketplace

With the burden of translational science increasingly being put on universities, now is a critical time for investment and partnership with the UICentre.

The College of Pharmacy has a proven track record of success with disclosures and novel discoveries. UIC is also a recognized biopharmaceutical leader, with many commercialization successes marketed in drugs and drug delivery systems. These include an HIV Drug and bladder cancer drug, both discovered at UIC.

Illinois is home to a large diverse array of pharmaceutical companies, often referred to locally as the Pharm Belt. Our region is ripe with possibilities for successful public-private partnerships.

So join us and be at the CENTRE of success!

Dr. Michael Flavin

Interim Director of UICentre and Visiting Research Professor

833 South Wood Street, Room 479, Chicago, Illinois 60612